Ana (ladyana5) wrote,

OT: a revIew of DM on House, a tiny amount of spoilers Okay, that was just I don't even know if what
happened in the epi is "real," in that what House did would even work
and I find it odd *no one* even tired it for DM's character prior to
this, BUT !!! Geez, David _nailed_ it! Like I said, I don't even know
if the scenes with him fully made sense, but DM wrapped it all around
his little finger and made it do a dance! ~feels~ woozy ~ In the short
amount of time he had, he made a wonderful performance! =bows=to=DM=
And, by the way, the voice of Darth Vader was in the episode!
Um...yeah - two of the sexiest characters in my life are in the same
episode! I LOVE IT!
a.k.a.The Joker's TaIlor
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