Ana (ladyana5) wrote,

“Agent of Chaos” (4 of ?)

“Agent of Chaos” (4 of ?)
by LadyAna
(Okay, here we go with the NC-17 part!)
The next few days played out swimmingly in Karen Magee’s favor. The sales of the book exploded, spurred on by the media attention. She throughly denounced the incident, saying it was not the real Joker, just some stalker imitating him, which is why she was armed. She was quoted as saying, “I had informed the police earlier if he should happen to show up that night, I did not want the highly disturbed young man harmed. This mentally unstable person actually thinks he’s a cross between my character and the Joker. I hope when he is caught, he gets treatment. Yes, the one bookstore was destroyed, but we all know if it had been an authentic Joker threat, ten bookstores would have been demolished for days afterward.” Her assistant, Lakin, confirmed she’d seen the same ‘clone’ in the bookstore a while back.
The white, sheer curtains billowed at the cool breeze coming off the river. He looked around her spacious bedroom, the navy carpet, the white walls, track lighting and sparse furniture. It was a great apartment, more than she could afford, which was not surprising. He stretched in the full, deep chair that was at the foot of the bed. He was practically brimming with morbid joy at how well she’d employed the entire strategy. It was admirable, risky...and unlike her. It made him wonder if she was more sneaky than he first anticipated. Since that was highly improbable, he resolved to find out what made her act so out of character. After some digging, he had his answer, as typical as it was with her.
Her dog padded into the room and jumped on the bed, licking her face as she slept. “Geez, girl! Is your dish empty already?” she sleepily protested. “What time is it anyway?”
“2:35 am.” he said, causing her yelp and bolt upright.
“You!” she panted in shock, “You scared the Hell out of me!” 
“About time.”
She then looked at her dog, who had curled up next to her. “Well, there goes the idea animals can sense evil.”
“Evil, am I?” he earnestly inquired.
“What do you think?”
“What about someone who uses crimes to increase their income and popularity?”
“Don’t start with me! You should be happy!”
“I should?”
“Yes, seeing I proved you right! You think those buying my book now care about it? Hell, no! They just want to hear what the crazy chick who gets off to the Joker has to say! You do realize for all they know you are getting money for it! Does that stop them from buying it? Of course not! That would mean they had integrity.” 
“You get off to me?” he said, sounding immensely pleased.
She bitterly said, “As I said, you scare the Hell out of me, but it’s a little late to convince you I was lying all this time.”
“Don’t sound so enthused.”
Becoming emotional, she said, “What did you expect?   The auction was a perfect opportunity for me. The book sales were not spectacular, if you hadn’t noticed. ‘Agent’ was going to be just like the rest, with only mild success. And then, the Joker walks into my life! I mean, the actual, goddamn sociopath pays me a visit and says he wants me. In exchange, you just might send those to Hell who left me as fucked up as I am. What do I do? I had one chance to this turn around, this whole fucking life of mine, to make it matter, even if it ends badly. Sorry if that included utilizing you as you will eventually do me.” She was choking back tears before she was done.
“I will, will I?”
“Of course!” she snapped angrily. “I’m not an idiot. I knew if I agreed that you’d eventually betray me or something. At least maybe for a short time I’d get some sick fun out of it.”
Coldly and harshly, he growled, “Quite frankly, my dear, you mean nothing to me. For me to betray you as such, I’d have to care you’re alive. But believe me, that is a good thing!” He leaned forward, his voice that familiar, silky whine, “Be glad I have not acknowledged your existence to that level. I should warn you, it is not wise to presume to know me.”
“Do you think I want to?” she retorted. “How you think I feel my choices are Winnie-the-Pooh or Charles Manson on crack!?”
He laughed. “I’m not stuffed with fluff?”
She smiled ruefully. “Yeah, ‘Pooh’ was my ex. All kindness and sweetness, with no passion.”
“And if I remember correctly, the same attention span for loyalty, responsibility and the same capacity for denial.”
She looked moved. “You really did look into me.”
“That’s the trouble with online journals. They’re so public, no matter how good your security is.” He rested his elbows on his knees. “The question now is, since you’ve said yes...” He held out his hands, his face inquisitive.
Her eyes went thoughtful, then she scooted the dog off the bed and crawled towards the edge. He could see her pale body under the wispy, full nightgown she wore. He leaned back and much to his surprise, she went to her knees and reverently laid her head in his lap. He nearly swooned at the physical and symbolic surrender, the thrill filtering through him. Gently, he brushed the hair out of her face, continuously caressing her cheek.   
“I have wanted to belong to someone like you all my life, even though I knew it was wrong.” she said, trying not to cry.
“And look where it’s gotten you.” he replied. “For all of your morality, your conscience and good deeds, you will probably die now, from the stress you endured.”
She raised her head, her eyes still down. “So. You know about that as well.”
“You mean the fact you’re seriously ill? Yes, dear, there is little you can hide from me. It simply means it’s time for you to stop living this lie while you still can.”
She slowly laid her head back down. “I got the news from the hospital not long after you first came to me. That’s when I decided to take a chance. Are you mad at me?”
“Mad?” he asked. “Well, I was for a moment, until I seen how crafty you were!” He whispered, “For you, it was brilliant.”  
She began lighting rubbing her cheek against the material beneath it. “I’m glad then.”
His cock noticed and was responding quite nicely. “ good, keep doing that.” He arched his hips for better contact.
“I am scared, but I want this.” she whispered, the fear plain in her voice.
He knew she meant more than just this act here, tonight. It was also the pact, of sorts, she was entering into with him. “You’re excited, too, right?” He touched her cheek again. “So much so, you’re willing to take the risk.”
“Yes...yes, I am. More than I want to admit.” Her lips began doing a dance along the front crease, the warmth of her breath exciting him even more. “It’s crazy, I know.” she continued, “I remember a time when I was so different, I would have never considered some of the things I am more than contemplating now.”
His voice turning husky, he said, “That is a sign you are maturing, becoming something more than your former, childlike self.”
“Am I a brat now?”
“No, no, no, not ‘childish.’” he corrected, “I said ‘childlike.’” He brought her face up to meet his, loving the astonishment and awe there, as she got a good look at him. “That is, your prior, pitiful innocence and harmful naivety. It is wonderful you have risen above it.”
Her eyes were shining with curiosity and wonder as her gaze flitted over his face. “May I...may I touch you?” 
Most simply did not look directly at him and it was rare when someone did not turn away or flinch upon seeing him. He had to admit, it was powerful and inebriating, for her meager requests and sacred reactions to be something akin to worship. He smiled slightly, bringing her hands up to his face. “This is only the world you see before you, unfettered, without comprise, no lies or illusions.” he said, kissing her trembling hands as they gently traced his starkly adorned, devastating features.
“You attempt,” she said, her voice unsteady, “quite convincingly, to show me life in the raw and yet,” she nodded towards him, “I still find beauty in this reality.”
He closed his eyes, tilting his head, finding her words endearing. “You flatter me.” he said, placing her palm over the swelling in his slacks.   
She touched him just as she had his face, afraid and uncertain. He placed his hand over hers, increasing the pressure. “Embrace your new self.” he encouraged. “No shame, no regret. You see what that kind of timidity has garnered you.”
She bowed her head and said, “May I serve you?” For her, he knew that was the most liberating request.
“But of course.” he said, then undid his thin, leather belt, followed by the latch on the slacks. The zipper seemed loud in the quiet room. She looked anxious as he tugged down the black silk boxers, taking hold of and stroking his cock. Holding the side of her face, he leaned his lead back, closing his eyes, as the warm wetness of her lips wrapped around his shaft. 
He squinted, laying his head to the side at her exceptional work. She was whimpering and she took him in whole, swallowing completely, causing him to tame his spastic response. She pulled up, laving it with cherished attention, apparently liking it as much as he did. Jolts of pleasure and decadence swept through him, enjoying the act and the seeds corrupting yet another soul. The tender skin cooled when she pulled away and swelled eagerly at the swirled, repetitive action. She made a move with her tongue that made his heart cinch and he gripped her hair tightly, making her smile and breathe faster. “I see writing is not your only talent.” he quipped, placing her back onto his cock.         
His torture here would to not snap her neck when he came or not slicing up her face half way through. Seemingly reading his mind, she pulled up, her lips full and wet. Looking at him, her eyes were beseeching. “I know what you need. I need it too. Here...” She grappled for his jacket pocket, taking the knife in hand, then cupping his own bare fingers around it. She pulled her hair back, completely away from her face. Curious and more aroused by the second, he allowed her to place the blade at the very tip of her hairline, where no scar would be seen. She became coy, placing her mouth right above his straining length. “Mark me.”
Shock, joy and disbelief resounded through him.   He was certain he looked like a giddy kid, taking the back of her head in a firm hold, reveling in her fear and excitement, while slicing the skin long and deep. She screamed, then laughed, and he thought he would come at the mere sight of the redness dripping down her face. He tilted her head, saying in a lilting fashion, “No, no, don’t drip in the eyes just yet.” He suddenly dropped the knife and shoved his dick back in her mouth, slamming it again and again as deep as he could, adoring the spasmodic choking and discomfort she was enduring. Sheer bliss permeated his form at the truth this would not be the last time he would be slathered in her blood as such.  “YOU fucking bitch!” he exclaimed, as he filled her mouth full. He came so hard, he held back a scream, certainly not recalling the last time that least with the other person still alive. She savored the taste, swallowing slowly.
Before he could even speak, she raised up, panting heavily, breathing deeply. “Master, please!” she begged, “Let me touch myself. I need to...come, please.”
Potency swept through him at his newest title from her, even after such a tremendous climax. “Are you on fire, my child?” 
“Let’s see.” he said, going to his knees as well. He tugged up her nightgown over her head, revealing her completely. She kept her head down as his hands traversed the soft skin, the full, ample curves and tender domain, watching her blood-wet face intensely the entire time. She trembled even more when he finally placed his hand over her slit and delved his fingers deep, meeting profuse wetness.   “Did I cause that?” he teased.
“Yes, please...just...touch me.” she said desperately, arching her hips. 
His roughened fingers began sliding over her hard clit and she made erotic sounds that tickled his spine. He held her full, pale breast, nuzzling his face over it, letting his teeth nip it a bit. She
jerked hard, saying, “Please, yes, do that...don’t stop.” It made him twist her nipple hard with his free hand and she laughed, loving the hurt. “Keep doing that ”she warned,”and I’ll come.”
“That easily?” he asked, a little dubious.
“You...pain and pleasure,” she professed, “is all I need.”
“Are you trying to feed my ego?.”
“I didn’t think your ego could get any bigger.”
“Touché.” he said, smiling.
“No lies, compromise or illusions.” she attested, repeating his own words back at him.
“Then let’s get to the truth.” He grabbed her hair tightly. “It is so nice,” he growled, dragging her to her feet, “to have someone avidly listen to your every command.”
She smiled tentatively, her voice strained with fear. “As long as you give me a reason I should obey.”
A hot prickling of outrage took him and backhanded her as hard as he could. She landed on the bed, gasping wildly, smiling amid the suffering. “That was clever, my dear! I didn’t see you were inciting me!” He smiled widely, slowly crawling over her, producing yet another knife. She reared back as he came closer. “Oh no, you don’t have to worry about me creating wounds that can be seen...yet, anyway.” 
She tugged at his sleeve. “May I...may I, lay my eyes upon you?”
It took a second for the antiquated phrasing to kick in. “I was getting there, you impatient wench.” he said jokingly and began divesting himself of his clothes. 
She stared at him playfully. “I love your tailor.”
“Don’t laugh.” he admonished her. “She has talent!”
Once naked, he practically pounced on her and she giggled. Her hands glided over his arms and torso, her eyes getting bigger by the second. “Jeez...’ she breathed in happy admiration.
“You are pretty damn built!” 
“You hadn’t noticed?”
She shook her head in clear appreciation. “I guess not!”
He used his knee to quickly kick her leg apart, causing her to whimper and then did the same with the other leg. “I am thinking,” he said, his tone reflective, “since you so very much wanted to ‘see’ me, I think I will claim the same.” He nuzzled her full bosom, neither one caring his makeup was streaking everywhere. He slid down to her stomach and, much to her shock, even further, to her sex. His finger probed her again, mapping slowly, deliberately. She trembled even more when his eyes followed the path of his finger in and around her moist flesh. She gave a start at the sight of the knife still clenched in his hand. Noticing, he said, “Yes, that’s right, I wouldn’t have it unless I intend to use it.” He fully licked the finger wet with her essence. “But it just might be to your liking.” With that, he sunk his swollen lips onto hers, throughly suckling her intimately. 
She nearly screamed, “Yes!”, thrusting her hips upward and he wrapped his arm around her leg for a better hold. The swelled nub under his tongue grew even more firm at his ministrations, teasing her by acquainting himself with the pleats and creases, all soaked in erotic nectar. He loved the tangy sweetness that was flowing freely, evidence she was getting close. Without warning, he slipped the thick, wide knife handle deep inside her, accompanied by his finger. She nearly jumped up at the shock, but he held on tight. “Now, now, my dear!” he coaxed. “If it was good enough for Perity, then I’m sure your own Grinemal will make it just as worthy.”
Slowly, she relaxed, remembering she was the one who wrote that scene, where her characters make love just as they were mating now. Once again, he swirled his tongue over her clit repeatedly, softly fucking her with the knife handle and obviously, she was loath to admit it was making her insane with decadent pleasure. He feasted for a good while, when he noticed his own arousal was building again. Placing the handle all the way inside her, he moved it and his finger wildly, and she moaned loudly at the three-way bliss; his finger, stem and mouth getting her off. He smiled as she made little pleading noises, her breathing coming in short pants. Raising up, he licked his lips fully, then grabbed her and wordlessly flipped her on top of him. Seeing just how strong and spontaneous he was made her stare at him in awe. 
He said nothing as he eased her down onto his already straining cock. She tossed her head back and began to ride him and he bit his lip at how fiery hot her cunt was. The searing friction was delightful and he fondled her full breasts, causing a depraved idea to surface. He grappled for the knife and to his delight, she began mounting him harder upon seeing it. “Yes, Master, please! Take me!” she begged shamelessly.    
“Shhhhh...” he said, ceasing her movement. Placing her own finger over her clit, he encouraged her to work it, then took hold of her left breast. She was outright shaking, watching him intensely, the anticipation overwhelming. The jagged edge raked along the pinched nipple, and she bit back her yell, the crimson fluid dribbling out. Not pausing, he gashed the other nipple and she screamed and his was cock clinched in tight ripples as she came. 
It was too much. He rammed into her rapidly, licking the wounds he’d just inflicted, the salty iron mixing with her other juices still on his lips. Instinctively, his hands came up and closed around her throat, closing off her air. He was certain it caused her renewed excitement, creating residual fluttering around his aching cock. The position was perfect; he could fuck and strangle her, but did not have the leverage to choke her too hard. Wave after exquisite wave of barbaric joy swarmed over him, the debauched ecstacy a constant. Chills followed by pure elation paralyzed him. His already taut balls gave in, making the euphoria consume him and he came convulsively.
Exhausted from the intensity, his tired hands fell away from her neck. He was still reeling when she raised up, his soft cock slipping out of her and she laid down next to him. His eyes were closed, yet he knew she was watching him.   
Finally, she said, “That was fun.”
“At least.” he exhaled. 
Softly, her hand trailed over his chest. Finally, she said, “So, what happens now? Are you going to kill me and get it over with or does the fact I’m expiring far too soon take some of the fun out of it for you?”
He waved his hand indifferently, an accurate representation of his position on the subject.   “Something like that. Hadn’t really thought about it.”
Her voice was skeptical, “Are you really going to take out those bastards for me?”
He snorted. “It’s not such an absolutely wild notion.” He turned on his side to face her, his hand affectionately touching her extremely beautiful blood-stained cheek and chest. “I will need a pastime in between terrorizing Gotham. I like to keep busy, you know.”
She was smiling. “I can see that.”
“It’s going to be different for you,” he warned her, “when you see me in the news and elsewhere, committing such acts. Yet, I doubt your already relaxed decency will be a factor.”   
It was obvious this was the first time she really thought about it. Then, her face took on a decidedly sinister look. “I would be proud to say that’s my Master out there, reigning Hell.” she said softly.
“Good! One day, who knows? Maybe I’ll show you a few of my nastier tricks.”
“And then I’ll tell you some of mine. True, I never even tried them, but I would very much like to see them enacted.”
He smiled at her budding bloodlust. “Now you’re talking!”
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